ABCA Announces Partnership with Leading Global 

Blockchain Education Provider

Posted by: ABCA Press Office

April 16 2019



WASHINGTON, DC/ - The American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA) is pleased to announce a new academic partnership with the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA), a global leader in training for the blockchain, distributed ledger, and crypto asset industry.


And as an exclusive benefit of ABCA Individual & Corporate Memberships, ABCA members will enjoy discounted tuition and enrollment to all Blockchain Training Alliance course offerings and certification programs.

Since 2017, the Blockchain Training Alliance has been at the forefront of training business leaders and technology professionals globally on the emerging blockchain industry; how this technology is changing the nature of business; and how enterprises can explore deploying distributed ledgers to reduce overhead, increase transparency, and deliver services more effectively.


The Blockchain Training Alliance has brought their offerings to customers such as Siemens, Microsoft, AirFrance, NorthropGrumman, CGI, FreddieMac, and countless others across the globe.


BTA provides training across four modalities:


  • In-person courses at classroom locations globally

  • Onsite courses delivered to your location

  • Course content delivered via WebEx led by an Instructor with live labs

  • On demand self-paced training courses


Certification programs offered by the Blockchain Training Alliance are administered by Pearson VUE, with testing available at over 7,000 locations allowing global access for professionals to certify.  Successful certifications are registered on a blockchain; passing the exam results in an ERC721 compliant token which can be accessed and validated anytime, anywhere.

"The Board of the ABCA is tremendously excited and honored to announce this new partnership with the Blockchain Training Alliance," said Howard S. Greenberg, ABCA's President.

"Blockchain technology is evolving in leaps and bounds, but education continues to be a pinch point to broader research, development, and adoption.  The more business leaders and technology executives understand about blockchain, the quicker adoption will occur.  ABCA believes that forward-looking programs like the offerings from the Blockchain Training Alliance can help bridge the gap of knowledge and help usher blockchain, crypto assets, and distributed ledgers more into the mainstream.  We are proud to partner with them in bringing their program offerings to our membership, and beyond."


Chad Decker, CEO of Blockchain Training Alliance added, “Managers need development talent they can trust, and trained developers need a way to prove their skills – we are meeting both those needs.  Delivering value that accelerates the Blockchain community is our ultimate goal at Blockchain Training Alliance.  We are dedicated to leading Blockchain training and certification efforts with ABCA.”


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About the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA)


Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) is the global leader in Blockchain Training and Certification. Together with Pearson VUE, BTA proctors certification exams at over 7,000 global locations. Exams were are developed in conjunction with members of Oracle, Dell, Siemens, Accenture, and Luxoft to ensure they were built with a goal of Blockchain for business. Blockchain Training Alliance is dedicated to advancing Blockchain growth through its training and certification offerings.  Learn more at


About the American Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA)

The American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA) is a Washington, DC-based 501(c)(6) not-for-profit with a goal to advance a vision for how distributed technologies and cross-border innovations - such as cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies – can lead to sounder markets, greater transparency, and the more efficient delivery of goods and services.  Learn more at

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