ABCA also plays an instrumental role in helping to frame and shape the ongoing public policy debates and negotiations related to the uses and legal implications of blockchain and distributed-ledger technologies.

First and foremost, our primary goal is to serve as an information exchange with our members, apprising them of the ongoing public dialogue, and giving them a voice back to lawmakers and regulators to help affect positive, sensible regulatory reform as needed.  ABCA achieves this through active engagement in the United States with members of Congress, Congressional standing committees and subcommittees, contacts in the various regulatory authorities, as well as with other interest groups and advocacy groups working in this marketspace.

Lastly, as countries around the globe begin to formulate their own regulatory approaches, ABCA is committed to monitoring and being part of the process of synchronized coordination in order to help inform the process of global convergence.  This in turn minimizes the risk of asymmetries which could jeopardize efficient and effective markets and technology models for our members.

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