The ABCA aims to represent the interests of the broad community of stakeholders who are driving the blockchain ecosystem forward - investors, individuals, users, entrepreneurs, regulators, for-profit and not-for-profit entities, and technologists. 

ABCA individual memberships are available to any individual with a vested interest in the direction, development, or policy efforts underpinning the development of blockchain- and distributed ledger-based technologies.  Applicants can apply via the ABCA website.

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Individual Memberships come with a host of benefits, including basic access to:

  • Monthly e-newsletter and weekly blogs, including Market & Industry Analysis updates.

  • Free and discounted participation in webcasts and webinars with ABCA and industry experts.

  • Discounted access to Roundtables and other educational and industry networking events.

  • Access to the ABCA industry jobs forum, as an opportunity to advertise and connect with career and professional opportunities in the growing industry.

  • Deeply discounted access to ABCA partner training and certification programs.

  • Discounted access to partner events.

Additional benefits are added on a regular basis as well, as the community expands.

For more information, please contact us through our Join Now page to discuss our offerings.